In January, two of my  world friends came to Brasil (I know it is Z but I simply can’t).

Patrice came form Switzerland, one of the most organized, beautiful, clean and safe countries I have ever visited.

Steve and Pam came from Australia, which I have not visited yet but from where I have the best impressions and great recommendations.

In addition to the happiness of meeting dear friends, who of course saw my goodbye tears, their visit made me – again – think of my own Brasil.

As many of you might know, I have different and sometimes even conflicting feelings about my homeland. We are such a friendly people, always willing to help others to see our wonderful diversity, nature, fruits, diversity, huge cities, constructions, avenues… we are strong and resilient and smart.

But our visitors can also see our poverty, our fragile social sistem and our forsaken gardens and monuments.

And this is so easy to change. We are already changing, maybe too slowly but we are. But no more philosophy; today I am writing for three things:

- to say I am proud of being Brazilian

- to thank my friends for visiting. Please, come back soon, I love you!

- to tell every single Brazilian that this is on us. We must change this country. Not much. Just a little bit of good will.

Green, yellow, blue and white.

And for those who still don’t know, Ordem e Progresso is written in dark green!




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