Brazilian journey

First I must admit that I have been a bit hopeless with my beloved country. So much corruption, violence, poor education, health system failure, lack of infrastructure… sometimes I feel like giving up!

With these feelings in my heart and mind, I took my family to the local airport, already expecting to find no place to park and fortunately I was just pessimist. The parking lot had comfortable, sheltered and safe places available.

The flight was on time, the on-board service was ok, we got safe and sound to Porto Alegre (State of Rio Grande do Sul capital) and our rental car was waiting for us. The rental agency had crackers and juices as a courtesy to its costumers!

A few hours later we were welcome by the friendly staff at the hotel in Gramado. The starving tourists were pleased to realise that even though it was only 5pm, we could relax by the fireplace while waited for our first meal in town: sirloin fondue, a huge plate of tender meat that made me happy to be thousands of miles away from my vegetarian best friend. The restaurant was very – VERY – expensive, but it was worth. Then were ready to explore the neighbourhood under a lovely 7°C/ 44°F autumn mist before going to bed.

On the next cold day, walking down the street, we just saw beauty and gentleness. A very well maintained town with all the details a tourist likes and a local is proud of. Lunch in a cosy bistro right on the cathedral’s right sideway, French portions this time, honest price, lovely staff. My daughter took a picture with her iTouch. And the iTouch fell in the water later after… I wish I could show you the Alves Bistro nice façade.

It was raining on the third day and we took a short ride to the glass show which reminded me of Murano (IT), with the difference that smiley Lucas spoke my own language and he was ready for our questions and photos at the end.


Something happens with tourists and we were hungry again! After buying some typical knits by the road (lots of small shops full of great and cheap knits for the whole family), we found a small restaurant in a farm of a German family and tasted the famous white grapes juice. Nectar of the gods free of preservatives! I was just sorry it had no alcohol but I was the driver, anyway :)
Back to our temporary hometown, we were part of a jolly crowd eager to take pictures of the buildings silhouette – mainly the cathedral, underneath the inspiring lights of sunset after rain.No giving up, Brazil is in my heart again. A long way to go yet, but we will find a way. God blesses this land.

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